Evans-Cowley and Kubinski Research on Mobile Apps Published on Planetizen


City and Regional Planning Professor and College of Engineering Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Administration Jennifer Evans-Cowley and senior CRP major Brittany Kubinski spent this past summer conducting research on the use of mobile apps by professional planners. Evans-Cowley and Kubinski surveyed planners from across the United States, receiving over 100 responses. Their research was recently published in the planning website Planetizen.

Evans-Cowley and Kubinski compiled detailed descriptions of on the apps that planners are currently using, as well as responses related to features that planners would like to have access to in mobile apps, and new apps that are being developed by respondents’ organizations. For more information, see the full article, A Brave New World: How Apps Are Changing Planning, on the Planetizen website.


Photo credit: Melissa Miller