Olmsted Scholar Writes About Experiences at KSA on Landscape Architecture Foundation Website


Brett Kordenbrock, 2012 Olmsted Scholar and third year MLA student, recently published an article on the Landscape Architecture Foundation News Blog. In the article, Kordenbrock recounts the path he followed to the discipline of Landscape Architecture as a career choice and, specifically, his experiences at the Knowlton School of Architecture. Writes Kordenbrock:

“I believe that it is fundamental for all designers (and humans) to understand how our cities operate socially, culturally, and environmentally, why our neighborhoods succeed and fail, and how urban life can both empower and excite so many. I have explored these very questions within my design education at the Knowlton School of Architecture at Ohio State University.”

To read Kordenbrock’s full article, see the Landscape Architecture Foundation News Blog website.

Last year, in addition to being named an Olmsted Scholar, Kordenbrock was also one of five winners of the ACSA Archive100 Being Resourceful competition.