KSA Students and Faculty Involved in Habitat for Humanity Project


A four bedroom, two bath, 1200 square foot house designed by KSA graduate students is being constructed in Springfield, Ohio by the Clark County Community Habitat for Humanity (CCCHfH) with Howell Buildings Company.  Thirty second year KSA Master of Architecture students designed the house in Winter 2012 studios taught by Professors Robert Livesey and Bart Overly. The initial design team for the house included current third year Master of Architecture students Michael Talmon, Crystal DeCastro and Dickson Whitney. The house’s design was developed by ten graduate and undergraduate students, including Talmon and DeCastro, in a Spring 2012 seminar run by Professor Jane Murphy.

KSA students have also been involved in the construction of the house, one of nine homes being constructed by CCCHfH this year. KSA student organization Servitecture has spent several days, during the summer and this autumn, assisting the Habitat group in Springfield. The homes must be completed by December 31, and KSA students are encouraged to volunteer for the project. Watch for calls for volunteers in December. Students can volunteer on their own anytime through the CCCHfH website.

Photos of the house taking shape can be seen on the Howell Buildings Facebook page.