KSA Students Pursue Community Outreach Activity at Westmoor Middle School


Students from Professor Jesus Lara's Landscape Architecture and City and Regional Planning undergraduate community design studio, BIOPHILIC CITIES: Sustainable Strategies for West Columbus, recently completed an outreach engagement activity with students from Westmoor Middle School in Columbus' greater Hilltop area.  The activity involved small group discussions with the middle school students to learn about their everyday experiences in the community.  The KSA students developed a series of activities for the Westmoor students, including a think, pair and share questionnaire and a hands-on mapping session, activities which allowed the KSA students to gain more insight into the greater Hilltop area.  The population of greater Hilltop is very culturally divserse, and that diversity was relfected in the nearly 100 students from Westmoor's 6th and 8th grades who participated in the outreach activity. 

The information gathered at this session is vital for the success of the community design studio project and will allow the design to better meet the needs and desires of the community as a whole, while also allowing KSA students to share with the students of Westmoor Middle School what they do every day as landscape architects and city planners.

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