Four Landscape Architecture Student Projects Win OCASLA Honor and Merit Awards


Four projects by KSA students have won Ohio Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects 2012 Awards. In total, seven Landscape Architecture students received recognition for the following projects. Details on the four projects can be found on the OCASLA website:

OCASLA Honor Award

The Solar Baths at Freshkills Park | Staten Island, New York by Ian Mackay and Steve Muza

This project was developed for the 2012 Land Art Generator Initiative, which asked designers to conceive a piece of land art for the former Freshkills Landfill that could capture energy from nature and convert it into electricity. The Solar Baths at Freshkills Park are designed to capture residual heat from the landfill and the sun for both conversion to electricity and recreation in the form of thermal baths for residents of New York. This design deploys the solar pond as its basic building block. The entire system of ponds is driven by the concept of the multi-stage reuse of residual thermal energy by temperature level.

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OCASLA Merit Award

Aetna Community Garden | Columbus, Ohio by Chris Laster/SCASLA

The garden design was developed by the KSA’s Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (SCASLA). In addition to Laster, other design team members from SCASLA were McKenzie Wilhelm, Blythe Worstell, Shelly Drees, Chris Watkins, Wesley Cogan, Rachel Kruse, Chris Laster, Mike Davis, David Shimmel, Peter Salamon, and Chelsea Meyer. SCASLA was approached by Aetna Building Maintenance to design and build a community garden just behind their office to create a space for the community to gather, learn, and discover the joy of community cohesion.  This location is ideal for the community surrounding Parsons Avenue because it currently has little space for community interaction.  It is also just a block away from Nationwide Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald House which could both benefit from a green space accessible to their clients. The ambition for the Parson’s Community Garden project is to give back to the Columbus community while providing our members professional experience in sustainable landscape design.

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Dig Deeper Weinland Park | Columbus, Ohio by Robin Collins, Josh McKeever and Lauren Norton

This project explores how the Weinland Park neighborhood in Columbus can evolve into a prosperous area of education, urban agriculture and retail development. Classroom centers offering education in different areas, such as agriculture or technology, would give students a sense of purpose after school and curiosity for lifelong learning. Incubator spaces would give residents the opportunity to start new businesses, with minimal costs and opportunities to partner with established retailers. This research demonstrates that Weinland Park could become a flourishing point in Columbus, a center of education, community and agriculture, accessible to all residents.

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Therapeutic Spaces for Veterans with PTSD | Brecksville, Virginia by Jesse Hartman

This project seeks to provide a framework and methodology for the design of therapeutic spaces for patients suffering from mental traumas, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which affects millions of Americans, especially military veterans. The design and function of these therapeutic spaces is based on analysis of specific treatment protocols, veteran symptomology, battlefield spatial analysis and healing garden research.

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