MCRP Students Present Planning Ideas to Franklin County Commissioners


Students in Professor Kyle Ezell’s Autumn 2012 City and Regional Planning graduate Planning Innovations course (CRPLAN 6010) were charged with researching innovative ideas for the Franklin County, Ohio. Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP) students were asked to analyze the concept of innovation in municipalities (both international and domestic) by scrutinizing existing ideas, processes, programs, projects, and developments, and determining their levels of stability/status quo, risk/reward, ‘boringness’ and audacity. They were then asked to measure and define the outcomes and transferability of a variety of planning ideas before coming up with their own specific innovations that could be tested in Franklin County. After several reviews by students and professionals, students provided their final drafts to the Franklin County Planning and Development Department in a formal review which included professionally-designed reports, informative videos, and detailed financial pro-formas. The Franklin County planning staff selected the top three ideas and the ‘winners’ were asked to present their innovations to the Franklin County Commissioners on November 13.

KSA presenters included:

  • Ronni Nimps: ‘Smart Parks’Parks for all ages, including normally-functioning adults and adults with disabilities) in the southwest area of Franklin County;
  • Stuart Davidovich: ‘Innovative Transit Center’ for Northern Lights Shopping Center (Cleveland Avenue) — a European-style transit hub that takes advantage of the upcoming bus rapid transit implementation plan;
  • James McCune: ‘Eco-Commercial Strips’ (West Broad Street in Lincoln Village) – A complete retrofit of the typical suburban commercial strip that could be implemented along failed 1960s and ‘70s corridors.

Watch their presenations on Vimeo:

The MCRP students were praised by the commissioners and township trustees in charge of each of the three areas. More on their reports will be posted on the Franklin County website.


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