Jose Oubrerie Volume Documents Church at Firminy and The Miller House


Knowlton School of Architecture Professor José Oubrerie has published Architecture With and Without Le Corbusier (a collaboration between the City College of New York, Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture, and Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers). Lushly illustrated with sketches, drawings, models, and building photos, the book also includes a forward by George Ranalli, introduction by Kenneth Frampton, and text by Oubrerie, Paul Pinney, and Jeff Kipnis.  The volume is edited by Luis Burriel Bielza and Oscar Riera Ojeda. Copies of Architecture With and Without Le Corbusier are available in the Knowlton Hall Architecture Library. 

Architecture with and Without Le Corbusier documents two architectural masterpieces: the Church at Firminy and The Miller House. The church is a late work by Le Corbusier that was left unfinished for 40 years. Oubrerie, a protégé of the great master who had worked on the project from its inception, completed and built the canonical work, adapting it to current needs and standards while respecting the integrity of the original design. The Miller House, Oubrerie's own late masterpiece from the 90s, is a landmark in Lexington, Kentucky. It is firmly on its way to securing a permanent place in the modernist canon. The thorough documentation of the two buildings with an extensive collection of previously unpublished drawings, documents and photographs builds a precise and vivid testimony of Oubrerie's unique architectural trajectory with Le Corbusier's formidable legacy as a formative and creative influence. The two seminal works, presented side by side with commentary by George Renalli and Kenneth Frampton yield insight into the evolution and current resonance of modernist architecture in a story that spans two worlds and two distinguished careers.