Center for Urban and Regional Analysis Supports KSA Planning Students


OSU’s Center for Urban and Regional Analysis has awarded $500 grants to three Master of City and Regional Planning students that will allow them to present at various national planning conferences later this year. Later this month, Dongkwan Lee will present the paper “Macro-Level Analysis of the Impacts of Urban Factors of Travel Crashes: A Case Study of Central Ohio” at the 52nd Meeting of Western Regional Science Association in Santa Barbara, California. Ben Kerrick will present “Borrowed Ground: How Vacant Lots Can Contribute to Land Access and Healthy Foods in Neighborhood-Scale Foodsheds” at the American Planning Association's conference in Chicago, Illinois in April 13-17. And also in April, Yumi Choi will present at the Urban Affairs Association's conference in San Francisco, California. The title of her paper is “The Terrorist Attacks of 9-11 and Preferred Neighborhoods Characteristics: Impact and Recovery.”

It was also announced that CRP sophomores Victoria Darah and Megan Hurley will join the Center as undergraduate researchers.

Created in 2001, the Center for Urban and Regional Analysis is an interdisciplinary group of scholars in social and behavioral sciences, physical/environmental sciences, engineering, health/medical sciences, and the humanities who are concerned with critical issues and public policies in urban and regional development and the impact of those issues and policies on the economy, society, environment, and public health. The KSA’s City and Regional Planning Section is one of ten University departments and programs that are affiliates of the Center.