Possible Mediums Conference Covered by Domus


Italian design and architecture magazine Domus has published a report on Possible Mediums, the conference and workshop hosted by the Knowlton School of Architecture from February 7-10. Matt Shaw, editorial assistant at Domus, attended the event and wrote the article, using photographs taken by the KSA’s Philip Arnold.

Possible Mediums included approximately 120 student participants; 50 from the KSA, with the other 70 students from among the event’s other organizing partner schools, the University of Illinois – Chicago’s School of Architecture, the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, and the University of Kentucky’s College of Design. KSA Assistant Professor of Architecture Kristy Balliet was conference chair for Possible Mediums.

The Domus article describes the conference as a ‘pedagogical experiment in itself and consisted of twelve four-day workshops for students of the host institutions, and panel discussions, which were organized into four categories of "possible mediums"’

In describing the conference’s effect, the article states:

“Possible Mediums made apparent that architecture is no longer bound to the canvas — plans and sections — but can be "represented" in sitcoms or Sears-style shopping catalogues. The conference posited that architecture is something that can cut across cultural boundaries, both pre- and post- production. It can look to other disciplines for formal generation, but it can also jump over the line that medium-specificity creates between insiders and outsiders, to engage broader audiences post-production.”

Read the full Domus report at: domusweb.it/en/architecture/possible-mediums