Landscape Architecture Program Named Best in the US by TheBestColleges


Landscape Architecture at the Knowlton School of Architecture has been named the top ranking program in the United States for 2013 by

In identifying the highlights of Landscape Architecture at the KSA, TheBestColleges pointed to the program’s history of excellence stretching back nearly a century; an educational model that integrates technology and experiential learning; a geographical location that affords students “opportunity for first hand study of the very regions and environmental factors being discussed in the classrooms”; and a curriculum that includes topical seminar courses, design studio and numerous international travel opportunities.

TheBestColleges identified the multi-disciplinary nature of both the undergraduate and graduate Landscape Architecture programs, the fact that both are accredited, and that the KSA’s programs provide in-depth analytical training while at the same time fostering creative expression:

“The curriculum exposes students to a range of design and planning philosophies as well as traditional theory and technical and scientific methodologies. The programs are both directed and flexible; requiring students to complete a specific sequence of courses as well as selecting courses intended to develop an area of specialization.”

Program rankings on TheBestColleges are based on academic quality, economic value, and student satisfaction, with specific focus on data such as acceptance, retention, and graduation rates, and student-to-faculty ratio. The site only reviews colleges and programs that have already achieved a top 50 ranking in other major ranking systems. Both the undergraduate and graduate Landscape Architecture programs at the KSA routinely appear in the Top 15 Design Intelligence national rankings.