Knowlton FabLab’s 3-D Printing Highlighted in onCampus Guide


The Ohio State University’s numerous and varied 3-D printing facilities are the topic of the cover story in the August 2013 edition of onCampus Guide. Included in the article is a segment on the Knowlton School’s Z Corp 3-D printer. onCampus spent the summer touring facilities across campus and researching the differing ways that programs at OSU use this technology, concluding that, while 3-D printing at facilities at OSU have been around for many years, “(w)hat’s changing — other than entry-level printers becoming more accessible to all because patents are expiring and price points are dropping — is how faculty, staff and students are rethinking how to use the technology as materials for the printer expand well beyond plastic,” and that 3-D printing technology is driving innovation at the University.

In addition to Knowlton Hall’s FabLab, onCampus highlighted facilities in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, whose 3-D printing equipment recently helped the Department of Plastic Surgery develop prosthetics used in facial reconstruction; the Engineering Education Innovation Center in Hitchcock Hall; and the Ideation Lab at Ohio State’s Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer Office.

Read the full article, “Replicating in 3-D,” on the onCampus website.

Note that the article mistakenly refers to the Z Corp 3-D printer as the ZCOR 3-D printer.

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