Architecture Students Participate in Peter Trummer Workshop


Graduate and undergraduate architecture students at the Knowlton School participated in a five day workshop, “The City as an Aggregated Figure,” directed by Peter Trummer, Head of the Institute of Urban Design in Innsbruck, Austria, with Kristy Balliet, Assistant Professor of Architecture at Knowlton. Over the course of the workshop, which ran from September 14-18, approximately 30 students developed models of a contemporary city based on Trummer’s thesis that a new model of the city is emerging, what he calls “the city as an aggregated object.”  

Workshop results were reviewed by Knowlton professors Jeffrey Kipnis, Stephen Turk, Lisa Tilder and Justin Diles prior to Trummer's Baumer Lecture on Wednesday, September 18. Students worked in teams; nine teams of three to four students each. The workshop took the Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) in Chicago as a departure point, as the structure can be understood as an aggregation of multiple buildings with sky lobbies containing their entrances. According to the workshop brief:

“The aim of the workshop was to disassemble the Sears Tower and reassemble it into a new whole. A whole that defined an aggregated figure, in which every individual building performs as the ground for the next one and appears as being autonomous and heteronomous at the same time.”

Following an initial analysis and foam study models, each team presented a single model and drawing of their aggregated figure. The projects were exhibited in the Knowlton Hall Review Space.

Peter Trummer is an architect and currently is Professor and Head of the Institute for Urban Design & Spatial Planning at the University of Innsbruck. He is also a Guest Professor at Sci-Arc’s Sci-FI (Future Initiatives Program) and a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania.