Justin Diles’ Eigenforms Project Highlighted in A|N Fabrikator Blog


Knowlton School Assistant Professor of Architecture Justin Diles’ work as last year’s Howard E. LeFevre ’29 Emerging Practitioner Fellow was highlighted in a recent story on Fabrikator, The Architect’s Newspaper blog (A|N BLOG). The story focusses on Diles’ use of karamba3d, a Rhino plug-in that was instrumental in creating the Eigenforms Exhibition hosted in the School’s Banvard Gallery earlier this year.

In addition to the Eigenforms project, in January 2013, Diles took part in the Figural Structures Workshop at Knowlton, in which MARCH students used karamaba3d to design and build large figural building massings.

The blog entry, authored by Emily Hooper, uses text, design images and photographs to explain in detail the process Diles’ pursued in conceptualizing, designing and building Eigenforms.

The full A|N BLOG story is available on the blog website.

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