Knowlton Student a Winner in 2013 FOTOshop: Vignette Competition


Knowlton School sophomore architecture student Max Moore was one of four winners of this year’s FOTOshop: Vignette Competition, part of Columbus Design Week[s]’ “signature project,” cbus:FOTO, which invited members of the public to “explore and re-conceptualize Columbus’ ‘overlooked’ spaces and urban voids through photography.”  For the FOTOshop: Vignette Competition. cbus:FOTO organizers took these collected images and asked competitors to envision new uses for the spaces depicted. From the Competition website: “The FOTOshop: Vignette Competition is your opportunity to show the city what can become of the overlooked.”

Moore’s was one of more than 60 entries in the competition. He chose an Instagram image of a site along the Olentangy Bike Trail. States Moore:

“The concept for the image came from looking at a space like an underpass, a place that is usually regarded by most as undesirable or often unsafe, and finding ways to disarm the space and thus the outlook, so the space could be utilized.”

Moore sought to “neutralize” the space by introducing children to it, portraying it as the “perfect place for… children and families to have fun and play for the day.”  In so doing, Moore transforms the space “from scary underpass, to an adventure through a concrete jungle.”

Moore took part in the competition as a member of Sarah Bongiorno’s design studio. Students from that class, together with those from Karen Lewis’ sophomore graphics course, developed submissions for the competition.

More information about the FOTOshop: Vignette Competition is available on the Competition website.

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