Knowlton Students and Faculty Involved in Ohio State's Chiller Plant “Architainment” Project


Knowlton architecture students and faculty are collaborating with colleagues in Theater, Engineering and the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD), as well as with Ohio State’s Facilities Operations and Development team, to design and install large-scale, projected lighting displays on the north façade of the South Campus Central Chiller Plant. The displays will run from November 18 through November 25, from 8-10:00PM each evening.

The project is supported by the Battelle Engineering, Technology, and Human Affairs (BETHA) Endowment grant that also supported Knowlton student involvement in Columbus Design Week[s] last month. Knowlton faculty taking part in the Chiller Plant project include Kay Bea Jones and Terry Sullivan.

An article about the displays on the Ohio State's College of Arts and Sciences states the following about the process that students followed in developing the displays:

“Student teams will examine the production process for digital projection in an exterior installation, including methods of pre-visualization, video mapping, and methods and approaches to content creation for high intensity digital projection. The visual content will be mapped out and animated in direct response to the unique and complex surface treatments of the chiller's façade. The content will allude to imaginative responses to the interior of the plant.”

Read the full article about the displays on the Arts and Sciences website.

The university’s South Campus Chiller Plant was designed by Chicago-based firm Ross Barney Architects, which has developed a video showing how the structure’s skin of dichroic glass fins and high-sheen concrete panels change color throughout the day and convey a sense of motion in response to the movement of the sun.  The structure has received recognition from website such as ArchDaily, the ArchDaily A|N Blog, and Designboom.


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