Possible Mediums Exhibition Kickstarter Campaign Deadline, Dec. 11


Possible Mediums, a project whose initial development stems from a conference hosted at Knowlton Hall last February, is moving into its next phase: a traveling exhibition that will feature new pieces from each designer grouped into four categories: Active Models, Excessive Volumes, Figural Projections, and Tactile Objects. The exhibition will open in Ann Arbor in January 2014, with plans to travel to Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York in progress, thereby sharing this exciting work with a national audience and providing a backdrop for future events, workshops, and discussions.

As part of this initiative, Possible Mediums has announced a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to support the traveling exhibition.

The exhibit received generous grant support from The Graham Foundation, but the grant does not cover all of the costs associated with this exiting project, including: exhibition design and construction, shipping support, marketing, and future events (panel discussions, workshops and design community outreach). The entire Possible Mediums crew is wholly committed to building architecture's audience by promoting design in its many forms and formats and is will work to ensure that support received via the Kickstarter campaign is utilized in the most responsible and efficient way possible.

Simply follow the link above and click the button that says, "Back this Project". On the campaign page, you can also watch a short promotional video with footage from the first conference event and read more about this project and its origins.

Learn more about the project and its contributors on its new website: www.possiblemediums.com

It was initiated one year ago when the four of us came together to promote novel design trends emerging at our schools and across the country. In our view, the conventional mediums of architectural production are rapidly changing. Comics, toys, balloons, animal characters, wrong drawings, self-made machines, and a host of other mediums are reshaping the way we design. To mobilize these trends, we invited seventeen designers to join us in an ongoing effort to highlight, discuss, and extend this provocative work.

February ‘13 Possible Mediums Conference

The inaugural Possible Mediums event, a regional conference hosted by the Knowlton School, brought together eighteen designers, 120 students, and invited guests John McMorrough and Jeffrey Kipnis to participate in design workshops and formal discussions surrounding the question of mediums in contemporary architecture. The twelve workshop leaders led students in a range of design exercises that challenged architectural conventions by either going outside of the discipline to seemingly unrelated fields (designing kites, bagpipes, and comics) or steering traditional mediums toward unconventional ends (plaster casting to make animals, orthographic drawing to construct optical riddles, and architectural modeling to produce perceptually infinite interiors). In both design and discourse, the conference results demonstrated the profound potential of an expanded conception of architectural mediums.