Possible Mediums Exhibits at Taubman College Liberty Gallery


We are pleased to share images from the opening of the Possible Mediums exhibition, which took place at the Taubman College Liberty Gallery at the University of Michigan on January 17, 2014.

This exhibition is the second event of the Possible Mediums project, an ongoing series of workshops, exhibitions, and public discussions showcasing design investigations based in speculative architectural mediums. It was initiated over one year ago when the four of us came together to promote novel design trends emerging at our schools and across the country. The inaugural event, a regional conference that took place at The Ohio State University in February 2013, brought together eighteen architects, 120 students, and invited guests John McMorrough and Jeffrey Kipnis to participate in design workshops and formal discussions surrounding the question of mediums in contemporary architecture. In our view, the conventional mediums of architectural production are rapidly changing. Comics, toys, balloons, animal characters, wrong drawings, self-made machines, and a host of other mediums are reshaping the way we design. To mobilize these trends, we invited eighteen architects to join us in an ongoing effort to highlight, discuss, and extend this provocative work.

The next phase of the Possible Mediums project is underway! It includes a traveling exhibition that features sixteen new pieces grouped into four categories: Active ModelsExcessive Volumes, Figural Projections, and Tactile Objects. The exhibition, currently open to the public in Ann Arbor until February 26th, will travel to Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York within the next twelve months. Our desire is to share this exciting work with a national audience and provide a backdrop for future events, workshops, and discussions. 

The Possible Mediums project is supported by our home institutions, the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, and over 200 individuals who made contributions to the Possible Mediums Kickstarter campaign late last year. The entire Possible Mediums crew is wholly committed to building architecture's audience by promoting architecture in its many forms and formats through educational events, formal discussions, and casual conversations.

You can learn more about our project and its contributors on our website at www.possiblemediums.com.

Thank you for your interest in and support of the Possible Mediums project!

Kelly Bair, Kristy Balliet, Adam Fure, and Kyle Miller

The Possible Mediums group is: Ellie Abrons, Andrew Atwood, Kelly Bair, Kristy Balliet, Brennan Buck, Angie Co, Justin Diles, David Freeland, Benjamin Freyinger, Adam Fure, Andrew Holder, Mariana Ibañez, Jason Kelly Johnson, Thomas Kelley, Simon Kim, Jimenez Lai, Michael Loverich, Kyle Miller, Anna Neimark, Carrie Norman, Antonio Torres, and Michael Young

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