Morse Road Planning Studio Project Highlighted in This Week Community Newspaper


Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning Dr. Jesus Lara’s spring semester Morse Road Corridor studio project has been highlighted in a recent issue of This Week Community News’s Northland community edition. Dr. Lara’s Urban Design Vertical Studio project involves 10 Knowlton planning students, four of whom attended a Northland Nonprofit Summit last week to learn from and involve the local community in the project.

According to the article, Lara said "service-learning studios enable city and regional planning students to work in an office-like setting with actual clients, while at the same time offering real solutions to problems and issues in the neighborhoods undergoing study.”

This project is similar in scope to previous studios led by Dr. Lara, including those in Weinland Park (2010), Linden Village (2011) and the West Side (2012).

The Morse Road Corridor studio has completed the first two phases of the project: qualitative and quantitative analyses of the subject area. Once phase three, community involvement, has been completed, the studio will develop “a final report offering a ‘strategic vision’ for the corridor, including things such as adding green space currently occupied by vacant buildings and unused parking lots.” Should the project receive financial support from The Columbus Foundation, future city and regional planning students might have an opportunity to continue to work with the Northland community to implement portions of the report.

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