CRP Professor Bernadette Hanlon Publishes Book on Global Migration


Knowlton School Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning Bernadette Hanlon has published Global Migrations: The Basics (Routledge) along with collaborator Thomas J. Vicino, Associate Professor of Political Science at Northeastern University. From the publisher’s website:

Migration is a politically sensitive topic and an important aspect of contentious debates about social and cultural diversity, economic stability, terrorism, globalization, and nationalism. Global Migration: The Basics examines:

  • History and geography of global migration
  • The role of migrants in society
  • Impact of migrants on the economy and the political system
  • Policy challenges that need to be faced in confronting a rapidly changing world economy and society.

This book challenges students of geography, political science, public policy, sociology, and economics to look beyond the rhetoric and consider the real and basic facts about migration. Through detailed examinations of the scholarly literature, demographic patterns, and public policy debates, Global Migration: The Basics exposes readers to the underlying causes and consequences of migration.

In discussing her interest in this topic and how the book evolved, Hanlon states:

“I have been interested in migration for some time now, conducting research focused on U.S. migration and how this relates to larger processes of globalization. Global Migration: the Basics is part of this ongoing interest and research, providing me the opportunity to expand my knowledge to understand more about migration in other parts of the world. The book is essentially a large-scale interdisciplinary literature review and analysis of the current state of knowledge in the field of migration studies. It is written with the undergraduate student as the primary audience, designed to be highly accessible and easy to read, with a number of case studies throughout to illustrate various arguments and ideas. Writing in this way can be more challenging than one thinks, especially when trying to explain complex topics but in a readable format. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and in writing the book I also learned a lot from the many wonderful scholars and researchers of this fascinating and important topic. I really hope students in particular learn a lot from reading this book.”

Global Migration: The Basics is available or purchase from or the Routledge website.

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