One:Twelve Issue 007 Highlighted in Archinect


Issue 007 of Knowlton student publication One:Twelve has been highlighted in in Archinect, the online forum, created in 1997, that has become one of the most popular websites for “progressive-design oriented students, architects, educators, and fans.” The article, written by Archinect’s Editorial manager Amelia Taylor-Hochberg, is part of the website’s Screen/Print series, “an experiment in translation across media, featuring a close-up digital look at printed architectural writing. Divorcing content from the physical page, the series lends a new perspective to nuanced architectural thought.”

Screen/Print #13: One:Twelve's "Black and White" focusses on that issue’s article by Knowlton landscape architecture student Ian Mackay:

“Our featured article for Screen/Print sees black and white as classic symbols of grime and purity, in the world of early 20th century New York City’s waste management systems. Ian Mackay’s “The Black Box” looks at a turning point in the city’s attitude towards garbage, when machines were replaced by men in gleaming white uniforms handling push brooms.”

Read the full article, Screen/Print #13: One:Twelve's "Black and White" on the Archinect website.

Photo credits: Levi Bedall, Christian Golden