Possible Mediums Exhibit Highlighted in Architectural Review


Traveling exhibition Possible Mediums has been profiled in the publication The Architectural Review. The exhibit “presents pieces by more than 20 American designers and academics whose work gleefully flogs conventional architectural representation.” Two of those designers are Knowlton Assistant Professors of Architecture Justin Diles and Kristy Balliet, co-curator of Possible Mediums, along with collaborators Kelly Bair, Adam Fure and Kyle Miller.

Possible Mediums was reviewed while being exhibited at the Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Design’s Liberty Gallery. Building from the inaugural Possible Mediums event hosted at the Knowlton School in February 2013, the Ann Arbor exhibit represents the next phase of the Possible Mediums project, and includes a traveling exhibition that features sixteen new pieces grouped into four categories: Active Models, Excessive Volumes, Figural Projections, and Tactile Objects. Over the next year, the exhibit will travel to Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

In summation, the Architecture Review article states, “Not only does the exhibition showcase inventive design research, it also plays host to student workshops, discussions and catered events. Providing a survey of the state of the art on the American scene, the organisers hope to elicit frank conversations concerning nascent speculative discourses. By this measure Possible Mediums is a rousing success.”

To read the full Architecture Review article, “Testing the Limits of Architectural Representation” by Michael Abrahamson, visit the AR website (free registration required to access the article).

More information available on the Possible Mediums website.

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