Alumnus’ Commentary on Women in Architecture Featured in The Architects Newspaper

A commentary by alumnus Julie Cook (BS Arch ’94 and MArch ’01) was recently featured in The Architects Newspaper. In the article, Ms. Cook shared her personal account of the ways in which the architecture profession is improving for women, and specifically cited her experiences as a student pursuing architecture degrees at Ohio State.

Soon after completing graduate school at Knowlton, Ms. Cook went to work for Moody Nolan where she was named the onsite field administrator for the construction phase of Ohio State’s RPAC. “For the first seven or eight years of my career, whenever I entered a meeting everyone assumed I must be the interior decorator,” she said.

Cook goes on to explain the advantages to being a woman in the field, but also acknowledges the difficulties and offers advice to young women considering architecture as a profession. “Women bring different qualities to design; they tend to be more creative and are good listeners. These attributes are crucial in architecture. Most clients have trouble visualizing a design. They need someone who cannot only listen to their needs, but also make sure they understand how you’re going to help them.”

She says, “…if you want to help create things that will live on after you’re gone, this profession can provide it. When I’ve had a tough day, I can go back to the Ohio State campus, stand in front of the RPAC, and say, “I did that.” There is no other career that affords an opportunity quite like that.”

Read the complete commentary on The Architects Newspaper website.


In the 2013-2014 school year at Knowlton, 48% of graduate degrees and 40% of undergraduate degrees were granted to women. Visit the academic programs page to learn more about undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the Knowlton School.