Balliet Featured in Lumos Gallery Exhibition

Assistant Professor of Architecture Kristy Balliet’s work A Series of Volumes will be exhibited at the Lumos Gallery in the show Reality in 3-D. Balliet will exhibit a series of 3D printed models that explore volumetric relationships in architecture. The models represent a collection of projects that range in scale and purpose from volumetric studies to building and urban proposals.

Lumos is a tech art gallery and tech incubator, the first of its kind in Columbus. The show highlights the use of 3-D printing technology by artists, interactive designers and architects. The show opens October 4th for the 30th Anniversary Gallery Hop. The show will be up through November. The Lumos Gallery is located at 937 N. High Street.

A Series of Volumes

A Series of Volume is a collection of architectural studies that amplify volume through thickness, depth and spatial sequencing. Focused on the interior figure and its accomplice poche, the work weaves together overlapping geometries that delineate enclosure and entice with the allure of the space beyond. The projects range in scale and purpose from volumetric studies to building and urban proposals. The use of 3D printing technology – additive process of layered plastic – offers a high resolution output for studying precise geometric relationships at a range of scales.

The project Inverted Icon, a building proposal for Detroit, devises a voluminous, curvilinear urban room embedded in a mass the size of a city block. Not content to be contained, the room pushes to the perimeter, amplifying and blurring thresholds to the city, while generating deep internal vistas to connect disparate internal programs and strategically located outdoor rooms. Figured Block, a prototype for the city, refigures the typology of the typical Berlin Block. The project challenges the idea that an expanding metropolis must either extend its borders or completely infill. Instead, it rewrites the rules of the Berlin block to intensify the shared spaces of the city. The project configuration considers the spatial ambiguity of the in-between—between inside and outside, between one space and another, between one room and the next—a core urban strength. The projects Graphic Weave and Beyond Volume are volumetric studies that explore the boundary and exploit the tension between contained volume and infinite space. The series insists that volume is a medium, not simply the leftover space within or around mass. The architectural studies celebrate volumetric depth and strategic interior-exterior distinctions.

Additional Credits:

Sam Fudala, Justin Gurtz, Tyler Kvochick, Matthew Lindsay

Photography by Philip Arnold