October 2, 2015

Columbus Rail Studio Wins APA Ohio Award for Planning Students

Columbus Rail Studio Wins APA Ohio Award for Planning Students

Knowlton School City and Regional Planning Lecturer Chad Gibson’s Autumn 2014 “Columbus Rail Studio” has received an American Planning Association Ohio Chapter Award for Planning Students. The eleven undergraduate CRP students who took part in the studio are: Aubrey Wilson, Dan Boberek, Levi Koehl, Ryan Dittoe, Will Hughen, Jevonna Morris, Stephen Orange, Michael Bickley, Luke Gerken, Alex Swift and Aaron Smith.

The APA Michigan jury praised the project, stating that:

  • The final document speaks volumes about the high level of education provided through the Ohio State University Knowlton School of Architecture.
  • The students made excellent use of social media and technology to inform the community and interact efficiently with stakeholders.
  • The plan is well-researched, well-written, and makes excellent use of graphics and photos to be accessible to readers.
  • The excellent detailed case studies of other cities and in-depth analysis of past efforts in Columbus will make the document relevant even if there are major changes in municipal leadership over time.
  • Credibility of the plan is enhanced by thoughtful presentation and analysis of positives and negatives associated with light rail.
  • Examples cited in the plan are realistic and affordable should the City choose to begin implementation.

Read more about the project at the College of Engineering website.