Blostein and Overly’s “Coney Island” Wins AIA Columbus Award and Featured in CityLab

“Coney Island”, the first installation to be constructed as part of the Bold Booths project, has won an AIA Columbus Merit Award and been featured in CityLab, one of The Atlantic Group family of publications.

“Coney Island” is a 60 square foot pavilion that replaces a derelict one used to operate the parking lot for the Westin Hotel and the historic Southern Theater housed within. The Theater departed from the classical opera house by incorporating features considered unique for its day. Most notable was the design of the audience chamber ceiling and the proscenium. The geometry of this volume is generated from a series of conic sections that create a space still considered to be nearly perfect acoustically. Adjacent to the theater, “Coney Island” re-engineers this series of conic sections to address a new agenda.

One AIA juror commented: “A truly unique solution to a very pedestrian challenge. Very well-crafted.”

The CityLab article quotes Blostein:

“The intention of the project is to find high levels of design and thought in what are sometimes overlooked, mundane places in the city… The lowly surface parking lot is such a place for investigation.”

In addition to its focus on “Coney Island”, the CityLab piece provides an overview of the other booths that will eventually become part of the project.

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