The Temporary Zoo – A Post Industrial Habitat

Landscape Architecture G2 Studio / Autumn 2015 / Jake Boswell

The Temporary Zoo seeks to generate habitats created by utilizing existing infrastructures and technologies.  These habitats aids rehabilitation of ex-captive animals (Zoo, Circus, and Personal Pet), exotic and native.  The Temporary Zoo would allow rehabilitating animals to rehabilitate and return back into the wild and therefore would vary in species and varieties depending on the current number of animal refugees in need of a home. 

The project plays with the ideas of introducing plant communities that are native to Mid-Western United States but non-native to Southern Ohio.  Creating separate and defined plant communities to accommodate different types of exotic (and native) animals as a remedy for their rehabilitating habitat.  Boundaries between each plant communities are separated by series of weirs to allow water flow as a system that helps generate, populate and separate the site in addition to topographic changes within each plant communities, each biotopes. 

By reusing and refabricating some of the existing infrastructures on the site, the Temporary Zoo seeks to utilize them to create a different “Zoo” experience where visitors are able to visit the site through series of lookout points, cable cars and trails with distinctive edge conditions to observe the animals through minimal interaction thus allowing the animals to rehabilitate and return back into the wild.