Knowlton School Faculty Receive Teaching Awards from the College of Engineering

Assistant Professor of Architecture Justin Diles

Assistant Professor of Architecture Justin Diles has received the Charles Ellison MacQuigg Award for Outstanding Teaching from the College of Engineering. The award is presented annually to faculty members who have demonstrated, in a superior manner, their interest and willingness to help students and their outstanding teaching ability.

A collective of students from the Knowlton School nominated Diles, and commented in their nominating letter: "Professor Diles routinely makes his students a priority. Last year when he served as sophomore studio coordinator for Design II, Professor Diles provided valuable assistance to students who were struggling to finish a large-scale installation project. He came in after hours and stayed late into the night to ensure that everyone completed and was satisfied with their work. Professor Diles genuinely cares about his students and does everything he can to be a source not only of knowledge but also guidance."

Associate Professor of Architecture Jacqueline Gargus

Associate Professor of Architecture Jacqueline Gargus has received the Ralph L. Boyer Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. The award recognizes the demonstrated impact of innovation in the education process, including the design, development and application of new pedagogy, teaching tools, and assessment methodologies on the overall quality of the undergraduate engineering education process/experience at Ohio State. Professor Gargus was nominated by Knowlton School Director Mike Cadwell and Architecture Section Head Robert Livesey.

Cadwell and Livesey stated that Gargus's primary contributions to innovative education have been in two areas: internet courses and travel abroad courses. Sited was her role as a founding member of Ohio State University’s Digital First Initiative, an ambitious project to introducing innovative and mobile technology to the university, and her selection among ten university faculty to take part in the initial launch of the University’s collaboration with iTunes University. In addition, Professor Gargus has lead Knowlton School of Architecture study abroad programs since 1994 and has made important innovations in the concept, structure, and didactic mission of these programs. Her many trips have toured extensively through Easter and Western Europe, and include recent excursions to China, Japan and Cuba. 

Planning Lecturer Chad Gibson

Chad Gibson has received the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Lecturer. The award is presented each year to an individual lecturer, senior lecturer or other auxiliary faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in their teaching within the College of Engineering. Gibson was nominated by City and Regional Planning Section Head Rachel Kleit.

In her nominating letter, Professor Kleit pointed out that in the direction of his students, Gibson's senior studio titled "Columbus Rail Today" won the American Planning Association’s 2016 American Institute of Certified Planners Student Project Award, the most prestigious award available in the discipline of City and Regional Planning. Gibson has the distinction of the being the only CRP faculty at OSU to have won this prestigious national award. In addition, Gibson also received a $912,000 Attributable Funds Transportation Grant from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission for his students to complete a COGO Bikeshare System Expansion Plan into adjacent communities from the existing network. Educational opportunities such as this in his eleven service-learning studios since 2012 has surged his students’ professional employment placement rate to over 90%.


A formal presentation will occur at the Annual Faculty Awards Banquet on Thursday, April 27 at the Blackwell Ballroom to recognize these three Knowlton School faculty and other honored College of Engineering faculty.