Knowlton Student Services Team Recognized for Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

“In such a large university and college, the Knowlton Student Services Team creates the environment of a small community where our students feel a sense of belonging, have opportunities for involvement, and value inclusion of all our members. They help to create and define the Knowlton community that students know and love.”

                                                                - Knowlton School Director Mike Cadwell, from Nomination Letter


Each year the College of Engineering recognizes outstanding staff performance at the annual Above and Beyond Staff Awards. This year the Knowlton School’s Student Services team of Angela Beer, Jessica Baer-Graves, Christine Meadows and Jacquelyn Monnin received the Exemplary Team Performance and Service Award.

“Their efforts have helped to move the Knowlton School’s programs further along the path to being some of the best in the state as well as in the nation. They are tireless advocates for the student experience. Though they are a small team, they are a mighty one,” commented LaTonia Stiner-Jones, Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs in the College of Engineering.

Highlighted were the team’s efforts to increase gender equity in the school’s programs and to increase the number of underrepresented minority students. “It is not simply enough to increase the numbers of female or minority students; supporting students as they navigate Ohio State in demanding majors like those in Knowlton requires another level of attention, which the team does their best to provide to students on an individual basis,” added Stiner-Jones as she delivered the award to the Knowlton team.