Knowlton Student Anna Hurley Set To Dot the “i” of Script Ohio

Anna Hurley, a four-year member of The Ohio State Marching Band and a senior in city and regional planning, is set to dot the “i” on the Incomparable Script Ohio for the game on October 13 against Minnesota.

“It’s one of those once in a lifetime things,” said Hurley of the upcoming performance.

The honor of dotting the “i” is bestowed upon fourth and fifth-year members of the sousaphone section of the band. According to the band’s ranking system, Hurley was the third highest-ranking member of the section this year and she selected the home game against Minnesota for her “i”-dotting debut.

On the morning of October 13, Hurley will wake up at 3:40 a.m. in order to arrive at Ohio Stadium six hours before the noon kickoff. Right before kickoff, the band will perform its historic pregame show in which Hurley will strut across the field and become the 27th woman to dot the “i” of Script Ohio.

“It's 110,000 people watching you specifically,” Hurley said. “Everyone knows to look for the strut and to look for the person dotting the “i”—so it's 110,000 people staring at just you, which is terrifying but also exciting.”

The tradition of Script Ohio dates back to 1936 and according to legend, the “i” was originally dotted by a trumpet player.

“Sometime during the first season of Script Ohio the director looked at a sousaphone player and said, ‘Hey! Switch with that trumpet,’ because sousaphones are a better read on the field,” Hurley said. “So from that moment on, the ‘i’ has always been dotted by a sousaphone player.”

For Hurley, it’s like she’s been preparing her whole life to be an “i”-dotter. She has been attending Skull Sessions since she was a baby, Ohio State football games since the second grade and has been playing the tuba since the fifth grade. “People come to Ohio State because they want to dot the 'i,’" she said.

Hurley is set to graduate in May but is planning on returning to The Best Damn Band in The Land for her fifth and final year of eligibility. Within the city and regional planning program, her interest is the historic preservation and adaptive reuse of infrastructure within cities.