Next Progressives: Ashley Bigham’s and Erik Herrmann’s Outpost Office Featured in Architect Magazine

Outpost Office, Assistant Professors of Architecture Ashley Bigham’s and Erik Herrmann’s design practice, is featured in the Next Progressives series in Architect Magazine (March 2019). Outpost Office is a design practice which seeks new public audiences through experimental creative production ranging from the serious to the absurd, often simultaneously.

The feature includes a brief interview and a broad selection of work produced by Outpost Office. Check out the article to learn about the co-directors’ fondness for GIFs and motorized turntable displays in studio, as well as their favorite commissions, whom they consider their greatest mentors and the best advice they have ever received.

In the past year, Outpost Office’s project Upstate House was featured in 44 Low-resolution Houses, an exhibition at the Princeton University School of Architecture curated by Michael Meredith and designed by MOS. Their work has also been exhibited in MIRABILIA: Interpretations of Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities at the Antilia Gallery in Italy, and as part of Drawing Codes, Volume II, hosted by The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture at the Cooper Union. The practice’s light sculpture, Baggage, was exhibited at the Milwaukee Museum of Art.

Recent publications include “Poor Little Rich Millennial,” in Plat 7.0 a re-telling of Adolf Loos's classic architecture parable “Poor Little Rich Man,” and the piece, "Between Character and Type," which ruminates on Outpost Office’s ongoing Another Campo Marzio project, which concluded the first season of Avery Shorts.

Bigham and Herrmann also co-host the podcast, Site Visit, in which the hosts invite an architect to choose, tour and critique a site along with them.

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