Knowlton Staff Member Chris Strasbaugh Recognized for Exemplary Support of Research

 “The remarkable combination of skills that Chris brought to Knowlton was evident immediately upon his arrival here a few years ago, and go beyond his mere technical capabilities. It’s one thing to be technologically adept and curious, something else completely to grasp how to align that technical knowledge with the strategic, educational and research interests of the school.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                              – Doug Sershen, Knowlton School Program Manager


Whether using drone flights to create high resolution, geo-referenced maps that are viewable as interactive 3D space or assisting students in virtual reality applications for a digitally built environment, Chris Strasbaugh endeavors to expand the Knowlton School’s capacity to experiment with innovative technologies that impact the planning and design fields. This commitment was recognized at the College of Engineering’s annual Above and Beyond Staff Awards program. This year, the Knowlton School’s Digital Resource Archivist and Curator received an award for Exemplary Support for Advancement of Research for his superior support of research activities.

“Although we typically talk about “staff” and “faculty” as two different categories of Ohio State employees with different responsibilities and concerns, Knowlton’s Chris Strasbaugh blurs these boundaries in productive and engaging ways,” commented Assistant Professor of Architecture Andrew Cruse.

In his staff position, Strasbaugh manages the digital library, preserves archives of student work and experiments with emerging technologies. Beyond this, his range of support services includes planning Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) flights, conducting aerial surveys for faculty projects, rendering digital images, training students and developing collaborative relationships with technology companies, local agencies and other parts of Ohio State’s campus.

Strasbaugh’s contributions go above and beyond as a result of his enthusiasm and motivation to expand his service to the school and university, innovate new approaches to succeed in his position, and contribute to the success of Knowlton School faculty and students.

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