Ben Wilke Publishes Ryue Nishizawa | SANAA: Grace Farms

Ryue Nishizawa | SANAA: Grace Farms, edited by Knowlton School Senior Lecturer Ben Wilke (MARCH '03, MAS ’11), is the latest addition to the Knowlton School’s Source Books in Architecture series. Nishizawa was the 2016-17 Herbert Baumer Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Knowlton School at The Ohio State University.

“It is often the case that we hear of SANAA’s work as devoted to the prospects of minimalism, transparency or lightness,” commented Wilke, editor of the Source Books in Architecture series. “I find it refreshing to hear that Nishizawa and SANAA are more interested in simply doing what is necessary for the project, and that this desire sometimes involves having the architecture be less present. This means that the work may require details and means of construction that are gymnastic or difficult in their execution in order to conceal their own complexity. The appearance of simplicity or absence of materiality is exactly that: an appearance.”

Ryue Nishizawa is principal and co-founder of SANAA (with Kazuyo Sejima) and a Professor of Architecture at Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture. SANAA was the recipient of the Pritzker Prize in 2010. Among the works of SANAA are the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion, the Naoshima Ferry Terminal, and Louvre-Lens.

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