Yasuyuki Motoyama Publishes From Innovation to Entrepreneurship

Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning Yasuyuki Motoyama has published From Innovation to Entrepreneurship: Connectivity-based Regional Development. The book is published by Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc.

“More than 90 percent of cases I have observed told me that technology did not create markets or businesses,” stated Motoyama on a finding that did not align with the currently dominate theory of innovation. “Entrepreneurs created markets. Then, entrepreneurs later found technologies to make their businesses and markets happen.”

Innovation and entrepreneurship are often considered two sides of the same coin. But are the links between innovation and entrepreneurship as inextricable as we think?

From Innovation to Entrepreneurship questions this seemingly interdependent relationship, highlighting the different requirements of innovation and entrepreneurship. This book disentangles theories of innovation and entrepreneurship, empirically revealing the overlaps and differences between them. Demonstrating that the pursuit of entrepreneurship is the key to economic development, Yasuyuki Motoyama explores the concept that people are at the heart of entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Motoyama’s provocative and nuanced approach makes this book critical reading for scholars of economic geography, urban planning and business. It will also be of interest to practitioners and policy makers working in government, economic development agencies and non-profit support organizations.

From Innovation to Entrepreneurship: Connectivity-based Regional Development is available on Amazon and ElgarOnline