October 30, 2019

Planning Faculty and PhD Students Present at ACSP 2019

City and Regional Planning Faculty and PhD Students presented at this year’s Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Annual Conference.

City and Regional Planning Faculty and PhD Students from the Knowlton School were active at this year’s Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) Annual Conference. The 59th ACSP conference was hosted in Greenville, South Carolina, a once economically challenged textile town that has made a dramatic transition into one of America’s best-planned, attractive, and livable small cities.

A large contingent of faculty and students presented on a variety of topics at the conference.

Jessica Wilson, PhD Candidate
“Planning for Drinking Water Protection: An Analysis of Governance and Management in Ohio”

Bilal Caliskan, PhD Candidate; Seunghoon Kim, PhD Candidate
“Causal Relationship Between Online and In-Store Shopping Frequencies Using Conditional Did Repeated Cross-Sections (CDIDRCS)” Poster Session

Kihyun Kwon, PhD Candidate
“Gender Differences in Commute Behavior: Is it Shrinking or Persistent?” Poster Session

Basar Ozbilen, PhD Candidate
“A Novel Approach to the Measurement of Sustainability Through Sustainability Indicators: A Case Study of Columbus, OH”

Gilsu Pae, PhD Candidate
“Retired and Healthy: Links Between Walking Trips, Retirement and Health”

Seunghoon Kim, PhD Candidate
“Can Transit-Oriented Development Slow Gentrification? Evidence from Discretionary Incomes”

Rebecca Kemper, PhD Candidate
“Mewing At a Rino? How Santa Fe’s Suburban, Immersive Arts Organization -- Meow Wolf -- Is Expanding Into the Urban Arena”

Youngbin Lym, PhD Candidate
“The Ecology of Injuries and Fatal Crashes Caused By Distracted Driving: A Comparative Study of Distraction-Affected and Non-Distracted Driving Crashes in Central Ohio”

Maria Manta Conroy, Associate Professor | Jessica Wilson, PhD Candidate
“Are We There Yet? Revisiting Planning for Sustainable Development 20 Years Later”

Yuxuan Wang, MCRP GRA | Zhenhua Chen, Assistant Professor
“Does Transit Schedules Reflect Actual Travel Times Accurately? A Comparison Using Transit Vehicle Real Time GPS Data”

Jean-Michel Guldmann, Professor Emeritus | Yujin Park, PhD Candidate
“A Three-Dimensional Digital City Approach to Assess the Role of Urban Shades in Microclimatic Moderation”

Jennifer Clark, Professor and Section Head
“Devolution, Disinvestment and Uneven Development: U.S. Industrial Policy and Evolution of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation”
“Preparing for the Job Market” Workshop
“Inclusive Innovation Through Policy and Practice”

Gulsah Akar, Associate Professor
“Investigating Tools for Evaluating Bicycling Comfort and Safety”
“Publishing in Planning” Workshop

Bernadette Hanlon, Associate Professor
“The Location of Single-Family Rental and Implications for Affordable Housing”

Yasuyuki Motoyama, Assistant Professor
“Examining a Divide Within Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”

Santina Contreras, Assistant Professor
“Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction After the Mexico City Earthquake: Learning from the Language and Communication Surrounding the Participatory Work of NGOS”
“How Planning Leadership Contributes to Sustainability Through University-Based Grand Challenges” Roundtable

Mattijs van Maasakkers, Assistant Professor
“Towards Smart Decline? A Comparison of Socio-Technical Systems of Demolition in Ohio.”

Jason Reece
“Planning for Healthy Communities: Supporting Marginalized Communities through TICB”