May 14, 2020

2020 Knowlton School Awards, Architecture

AIA "Henry Adams" Medal

The American Institute of Architects “Henry Adams” Medal is awarded to a student graduating from the professional degree program with the highest grade point average.

  • Peter Larsen, MArch

AIA Ohio Scholarship

  • Rachel Seifert, MArch

Alpha Rho Chi Medal

The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is awarded to the graduating graduate student who has shown an affinity for leadership, performed willing service for the school or section, and gives promise of real professional merit through his or her attitude and personality.

  • Hermon Habte, MArch

LeFevre Award (support to LeFevre Fellow)

The LeFevre Award is awarded to a student who provided an exceptional level of support to this year’s LeFevre Fellow.

  • Anthony Selvaggio, MArch

Service to Architecture Section

  • Rachelle Brown, MArch

Yessios Award (support to Yessios Professors)

  • Shekoufeh Golnezhad, MArch

Construction Specification Institute, George Van Niel Scholarship Award

  • Nour Al-Qarra, MArch, 1st place
  • Peter Larsen, MArch, 2nd place
  • Rachael Hill, MArch, 3rd place

William Riat '73 Prize

The William Riat '73 Prize is awarded each year to recognize outstanding work in the Master Project by students in the Master of Architecture program.

  • Nour Al-Qarra, MArch
  • Peter Larsen, MArch
  • Larry Servis, MArch

IMI/OSU Masonry Competition

  • Ali Ahmed, BSArch
  • Sean Fitzgerald, MArch
  • Eleanor Lewis, BSArch
  • Mike Ohrman, BSArch

AIA Columbus Award

  • Salma Abdelrahman, MArch
  • Rachel Schmitmeyer, MArch
  • Brenna Bierman, BSArch
  • Aaron Kuck, BSArch
  • Kate Lubbers, BSArch
  • Riley Sagan, BSArch
  • Patrick Sardo, BSArch

Faculty Prize

The Faculty Prize is awarded to an outstanding student in each year of the design studio sequence.

  • Erin Miller, MArch
  • Jay Schlesinger, MArch
  • Larry Servis, MArch
  • Ian Maddock, BSArch
  • Meghan Opre, BSArch
  • Troy Schleich, BSArch
  • Rachel Schmidtmeyer, BSArch

James Gui '54 Design Competition

1st Place

  • Kristen Perng, BSArch
  • Rachel Schmitmeyer, BSArch
  • Sydney Strawser, BSArch

2nd Place

  • Emma McGonigal, BSArch
  • Marly McNeal, BSArch

3rd Place

  • Pierce Caldwell, BSArch
  • Dylan Hart, BSArch

Honorable Mention

  • Matthew Johnson, BSArch
  • Kate Lubbers, BSArch
  • Courtney Masters, BSArch
  • Rylee Noe, BSArch
  • Yuyan Wang, BSArch
  • Yunhao Zhong, BSArch