May 14, 2020

2020 Knowlton School Awards, City and Regional Planning

2020 Knowlton School Awards for City and Regional Planning

Israel Stollman Award Best paper

The Israel Stollman Award is given to the student with the best paper.

  • Amber Boyd, MCRP

Outstanding Senior Project

  • Taylor Brill, BSCRP

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Project

  • Natalie Hansell, BSCRP

Patricia Burgess Award

  • Kailai Wang, PhD

Section Head Award for Service to CRP

  • Emily Long, MCRP

Studio MVP

  • Gerika Logan, MCRP

Ava Hottman Award

  • Jane Karetny, MCRP
  • Gerika Logan, MCRP

Outstanding First Year Graduate Student

The Outstanding First Year Graduate Student Award is given to the student with excellence in academic achievement.

  • Riane Federman, MCRP
  • Tanya Maslak, MCRP

Outstanding Second Year Graduate Student

The Outstanding Second Year Graduate Student is given to the students with the highest GPA and excellence in academic achievement.

  • Taylor Axene, MCRP
  • Emily Long, MCRP

Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Simon Asem, BSCRP
  • Kamran Khorshidi , BSCRP
  • Jaime Schmotzer, BSCRP

Outstanding Undergraduate Student, Studio Class

  • Chris Dahman, BSCRP

Passed Comprehensive Examination with Distinction

  • Abby Anacki, MCRP
  • Greg Gaus, MCRP
  • Maeve Hogel, MCRP
  • Emily Long, MCRP
  • Ariel Miller, MCRP
  • Derek Miller, MCRP
  • Elise Schellin, MCRP

Outstanding Graduate Project

  • Union County Rural Mobility Services Study

    Abby Anacki, MCRP
    Taylor Axene, MCRP
    Annalise Bennett, MCRP
    Allison DeLong, MCRP
    Carli Goode, MCRP
    Thomas Graham, MCRP
    Joseph Grove, MCRP
    Angel Guzman, MCRP
    Maeve Hogel, MCRP
    Xiaoya Ji, MCRP
    Connor LaVelle, MCRP
    Dashiell Logan, MCRP
    Gerika Logan, MCRP
    Derek Miller, MCRP
    Hunter Rayfield, MCRP
    Safa Saleh, MCRP
    Elise Schellin, MCRP
    Andrew Souders, MCRP

Outstanding Studio Project

  • Grove City Sustainability Plan

    Abby Anacki, BSCRP
    Taylor Axene, BSCRP
    Annalise Bennett, BSCRP
    Dan Blanchard, BSCRP
    Amber Boyd, BSCRP
    Alan Clinton, BSCRP
    Allison DeLong, BSCRP
    Thomas Graham, BSCRP
    Maeve Hogel, BSCRP
    Xiaoya Ji, BSCRP
    Derek Miller, BSCRP
    Jalen Miller, BSCRP
    Elise Schellin, BSCRP
    Justin Scott, BSCRP

Faculty Prize

The Faculty Prize recognizes the most outstanding students in the section with a GPA of 3.9 or higher.

  • Taylor Brill, BSCRP
  • Christoph Ciurlionis, BSCRP
  • Chris Dahman, BSCRP
  • Luke Ciminillo Delamotte, BSCRP
  • Emma Dingeldein, BSCRP
  • Megan Esselburn, BSCRP
  • Riane Federman, BSCRP
  • Joseph Grove, BSCRP
  • Ariel Hall, BSCRP
  • Daniel Harrington, BSCRP
  • Maeve Hogel, BSCRP
  • Luke Hutchinson, BSCRP
  • Edwin Juarez, BSCRP
  • Nicholas Kearney, BSCRP
  • Kari Kueterman, BSCRP
  • Samantha Lehr, BSCRP
  • Emily Long, BSCRP
  • Monique Lorenzo, BSCRP
  • Tanya Maslak, BSCRP
  • Sam Mattern, BSCRP
  • Ariel Miller, BSCRP
  • Samuel Nagle, BSCRP
  • Andrew Niccum, BSCRP
  • Shelby Oldroyd, BSCRP
  • Colin Powers, BSCRP
  • Elise Schellin, BSCRP
  • Jaime Schmotzer, BSCRP
  • Alex Summers, BSCRP
  • Jina Yu, BSCRP
  • Yuxuan Zhao, BSCRP