September 3, 2020

Knowlton on the Rocks is Served

A new student publication speaks to what's happening now at Knowlton.

This autumn Knowlton students will have the opportunity to read a new digital publication, Knowlton On The Rocks. We spoke with the editors—Clarisse Wean and Eric Schultz, both currently in the MArch program, about this new platform that will reach across the school's disciplines to share students' ideas, opinions, issues, and demands.

Check out the website:


What prompted the idea for Knowlton On The Rocks?

We wanted to see and hear a different set of conversations, more critical and geared towards the student experience. The past year has thrown a lot at all of us in pretty quick succession. We wanted to create a platform that could keep up.

Can you tell us the inspiration for the name of the publication? 

Last fall, one of the G3’s dropped by our studio (G2) and said something along the lines of, “Oh, they’re having you guys paint rocks again huh?” It became a bit of a running joke between a few of us that Knowlton was “on the rocks”. I think it accurately describes the style we’re after, something a bit more relaxed, but still able to pack a punch.

How do you see Knowlton On The Rocks broadening the conversation and exchange of ideas within the Knowlton School?  

Even when we’re all in the building together, it’s easy for us to get siloed in our respective sections. With our current situation, we hope that this new digital space can flatten some of those previous boundaries. Our aim is to have conversations that are both relevant and able to engage students from all Knowlton disciplines.

Can you provide a glimpse of some of the future themes?  

One theme that will remain consistent is the focus and empowerment of student voices. As the next generation of designers and place makers, we’re ultimately responsible for the world in which we want to live. It’s not going to be up to our professors or bosses, it’s on us.

Our current and inaugural issue focuses on systemic racism in design. We’re planning on doing an issue on the effects of COVID-19 on education and practice. We also want to hear what fellow students are interested in.

Will the themes be discipline-based and/or address internal issues touching on Knowlton School culture? 

Themes will be comprehensive so as to include all three Knowlton disciplines in conversation. Knowlton On The Rocks is meant to address internal issues as well, which can be specific to particular majors, groups, or student organizations.

Will Knowlton On The Rocks feature content specific to all three sections of the school? 

The content of each issue is dependent on submissions from students. Being a completely digital platform allows us to include a wide variety of content ranging from short essays, illustrations, photography, reviews of events, and more. We plan on releasing a new prompt along with each bi-weekly issue that is capable of engaging all Knowlton disciplines. How students choose to respond is up to them.