September 10, 2020

Kristi Cheramie Publishes Through Time and the City: Notes on Rome

The Landscape Architecture Section Head's book offers a new approach to exploring cities, looking at Rome as a series of overlapping networks, where the most recognizable spaces are not read in isolation but instead as integrated, dynamic components.

Knowlton School Associate Professor and Landscape Architecture Section Head Kristi Cheramie's new book Through Time and the City: Notes on Rome will be released on September 21 and is available now for pre-order. The book is co-authored with Antonella De Michelis, an adjunct professor of art history and visual culture in the Department of Creative Studies at the University of British Columbia.

Offering a new approach to exploring cities, Through Time and the City uses Rome as a guide, following familiar sites, geographies, and characters in search of their role within a larger narrative that includes the environmental processes required to generate enough space and material for the city, the emergent ecologies to which its buildings play host, and the social patterns its various structures help to organize.

Through Time and the City argues that Rome is made and unmade by an endlessly evolving chorus that has, for better or worse, gained geological legitimacy; that the city absorbs and emits countless artifacts in its search for collective identity; that the city is a platform for the constant staging of negotiations between agents (humans, buildings, plants, animals, pathogens, goods, waste, water) that drive and are driven by the entanglements of climate and culture. This book provides textual and visual frameworks for identifying the material traces, emergent patterns, or speculated futures that expose a city as inseparable from its capacity to change.

Through Time and the City: Notes on Rome is available at Routledge and Amazon.