October 2, 2020

Pass/No Pass Option for Autumn 2020

As students are experiencing disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Knowlton School will extend the option for undergraduate students to choose the PA/NP grading option for some autumn 2020 classes.

  • Knowlton School undergraduate students may elect PA/NP for general education (GE), elective, minor, and major courses with a “D” threshold to pass.Please review course and studio attendance policies as stated in your syllabi; continued participation in a course is required in order to earn a passing grade).
  • PA/NP classes provide credits toward graduation, but they do not factor into a student’s grade point average.
  • Courses taken PA/NP during autumn 2020 will count toward the limit of 20 credit hours that each student may take as PA/NP during their undergraduate career. Courses taken PA/NP in spring 2020 are excluded from this rule.
  • Students must have a cumulative GPA of a 2.0 or higher at the time they submit the PA/NP request (new first-semester freshmen and transfer students who do not yet have a GPA are eligible);

See the Office of Academic Affairs for more information on PA/NP.

The extension of the PA/NP option to all major and minor courses for all Knowlton School undergraduates is intended to help students in the most precarious circumstances. Review the Undergraduate Students FAQs and consider the following implications of selecting PA/NP coursework.

  • Financial aid eligibility. While electing PA/NP will not lower your GPA, it also cannot raise it to levels that might be required for eligibility for some scholarships.
  • Progress in a major or minor program. A low passing grade in a major or minor class may not adequately prepare you for future coursework that builds on that class.
  • Graduate school. Students who plan to pursue graduate school, law school, or other professional programs should consider how PA grades will appear to faculty reviewing their academic transcripts in the future. While several schools accepted PA grades for spring 2020, some schools may not accept PA grades in later semesters. It is important to check with your intended graduate program to confirm their policy. When in doubt, it would likely be in your best interest to take an A-E grade especially for studio courses and other core major courses that directly relate to your planned area of graduate study.
  • Course attendance/participation requirements. Knowlton School studio and core major courses have specific and detailed attendance policies. Review your syllabi. Attendance/participation factors into your ability to earn a passing grade. If you are unable to meet the expected requirements, please consult with your advisor and/or faculty to determine the best option for you.
  • You have time to decide. We recommend that you do not make a decision until you have a better sense of your academic performance in your classes. Students should consult with their academic advisor with questions or concerns about the PA/NP option prior to submitting their PA/NP request via Buckeyelink.
  • PA/NP submissions are final. The PA/NP request form can only be submitted once. Once submitted, no changes can be made to your request (this includes trying to add or subtract courses or if you changed your mind about your request).


The deadline to submit the Pass/No Pass form is November 20, 2020. Pass/No Pass requests for first session courses are due October 2, 2020. All PA/NP submissions are final and cannot be changed.

Pass/No Pass requests for full-semester courses

Pass/No Pass requests for first-session courses

Additional Information

  • Consult with your academic advisor via appointment or during drop-in advising hours (Tuesday 1-3 p.m. or Thursday 10 a.m.-noon).
  • Undergraduate majors with competitive admissions processes including architecture and landscape architecture will allow 2300 and 2310 to be taken as PA/NP. PA/NP grades will be considered as part of the holistic review process for entry or continuation in the major. GPA minimums for direct-admit students will still be enforced.
  • If you change your major in the future, that program may not accept PA courses in the prerequisites for their programs
  • Once a course has been changed to PA/NP, it cannot be converted back to a letter grade.
  • Courses graded S/U cannot be converted to PA/NP; S/U is a course grading option while PA/NP is a student-elected option.