Transportation Studio

MCRP Studio / Spring 2019 / Chad Gibson

Greenways are strips of land designated for recreation and transportation purposes for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles. These trails integrate the awe-inspiring beauty of nature with a true transportation purpose that connects people to nearby destinations. As an essential part of sustainable development, greenways facilitate active transportation which promotes community connectivity, improves quality of life, and provides space for outdoor health and wellness activities. With more than 500,000 people expected to move to Central Ohio over the next 30 years, greenways will be critical to the promotion of sustainable growth and mobility throughout the region.

The principal purpose of the Strategic Implementation Framework is to envision the creation of six potential trail loops in the Greater Columbus area and make recommendations for the prioritization of specific segments. The final product is deeply rooted in extensive research of relevant case studies, a trail classification system, and a comprehensive analysis of existing conditions. The authors of this report are students in the Transportation Studio of the Master of City and Regional Planning program at The Ohio State University, led by Professor Chad Gibson, Senior Planning Officer of the City of Upper Arlington. Our studio has been commissioned by the Central Ohio Greenways Board, a committee of Central Ohio’s metropolitan planning organization, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC). The board is dedicated to the creation of a regional trail network in Central Ohio and has asked us to focus our research and recommendations on six potential loops in the region.