Wilding Studio

Landscape Architecture Sophomore Studio / Spring 2020 / Paula Meijerink & Parker Sutton

The Wilding studio centers on the mass extinction of global biota by anthropogenic forces, particularly human-led climate change and accompanying habitat loss. It asks students to challenge acceptable notions of environmental aesthetics, question the culturally and philosophically embedded human/nature binary, and produce spatial adjacencies that stir the “ecologically bored” (Monbiot, 2014). As a class, students will create a richly detailed catalog of at-risk and extirpated plant and animal species of Ohio, analyzing their unique anatomic habitat adaptations through digital drawings and chronological maps of their geographic range. With this knowledge, students will design ecologically-driven, biologically diverse landscapes that support the return of plant and animal species to urban and suburban areas, conceived of and represented in phases across time. The work of this studio supports the agenda of the Green New Deal by positing rewilded landscapes as a necessarily human construct whose integration with the built environment offers immense contributions to human welfare and environmental equity.


Parker Sutton

Parker Sutton

Assistant Professor of Practice