March 5, 2021

Knowlton Access Fund to Support a More Diverse and Inclusive Knowlton

The new Knowlton Access Fund supports Knowlton's efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive student body. The fund will provide emergency financial assistance to students who face unforeseen financial expenses or who lack resources to meet expenses.

Give to the Knowlton Access Fund


The Knowlton School is pleased to announce the establishment of the Knowlton Access Fund. Initiated and financially supported by Knowlton School Director Dorothée Imbert and Associate Professor of Architecture Andrew Cruse, the fund will expand access to a Knowlton education and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive student body. It will provide emergency or interim financial assistance to students who face unforeseen expenses or lack the resources to meet expenses.

“Students in architecture, landscape architecture, and city and regional planning have had to rebuild their working environment—bringing studio materials into their homes and upgrading their computers and broadband to participate in classes,” said Imbert. “The costs associated with these purchases can have an outsized impact on some students, and this fund will help students focus on their education by alleviating the costs of building a Knowlton away from Knowlton.”

Award selection is need-based. Applicants are required to provide an explanation of their circumstances and how emergency assistance will help achieve their education or career goals. Awards typically range from $200 to $500.

As part of the March 22 Day of Giving, Ohio State will highlight the Access Fund. Donations to the Knowlton Access Fund will strengthen our community by directly assisting students in need.