At The Fragile Slope

Landscape Architecture G1 Studio / Autumn 2015 / Kristi Cheramie

Students in Kristi Cheramie’s G1 Landscape studio were given a project located along the Scioto River in Franklinton with the Scioto Greenway passing through. Due to river erosion, the riverbank continues to get steeper. Wu Shixiang and Zheng Tianhang looked incorporated the erosion on the riverbank and redesigned the area that both enhanced visitor experience and slowed the erosion.

Our site is located along the Scioto River, Franklinton, Columbus, Ohio, and is relatively long and narrow. The Scioto Greenway goes through our site. On the one hand, we observe that the river has been seriously eroded by the river. The river lashes against the riverbank constantly, which contributes to the steepness of the riverbank. The more erosion of the riverbank, the less space is provided for human activity. So we decide to focus on the problem of the erosion. We not only want to solve this problem, but also we hope to make use of it. On the other hand, we find that different locations have different degrees of erosion. According to this situation, we decide to choose four locations where the erosion is most serious as our key points. First, we use concrete to rebuild these areas. The concrete can effectively prevent the corrosion. Second, We design the spiral path which can create the hydrophilic space. What is more, in order to give visitors various experiences, we design these four places with different themes. They are: Vertical Landscape, Dynamic Water, Interesting Pergola, and Fishing and Relaxing. By this way, we can even celebrate this erosion. Through our design, we aim to achieve a creative dynamic management so that people can have a unique experience when they are visiting our site.

Zheng Tianhang & Wu Shixiang