Upper Arlington Pedestrian Connectivity Plan

City and Regional Planning Graduate Studio / Autumn 2013 / Chad Gibson

Upper Arlington Pedestrian Connectivity Plan

The Pedestrian Connectivity Plan for the City of Upper Arlington has been created to guide stakeholders to establish a more connected, safe, and walkable community. With a goal of providing policy recommendations and a financially feasible approach to sidewalk connectivity, our class, led by Senior Planning Officer Chad Gibson, worked with Upper Arlington City Council and community leaders to create a systematic and comprehensive sidewalk plan for the City.

The results of our efforts include a street priority index that identifies streets most in need of sidewalks based on factors such as street type, proximity to community amenities, and current sidewalk infrastructure to name a few. The Plan also provides maps to describe the City’s sidewalk network and detailed information about the current sidewalk infrastructure, best practice examples, and other sidewalk programs and initiatives. After thorough analysis, our team concludes that the City should create a restricted Sidewalk Implementation Fund (SIF) that implements new sidewalk projects in accordance with a Sidewalk Prioritization Schedule (SPS), as demonstrated in the provided document. This fund will be sustained by fees generated from the estimated improvement value of new homes, interior and exterior remodels, and additions.

The following chapters will guide community leaders in the development of a fair and comprehensive approach for sidewalk installation and will help establish a safe, connected, walkable City. Our hope is that the Pedestrian Connectivity Plan will add to the already strong reputation that Upper Arlington carries as one of Central Ohio’s premier communities.


  • Patrice Allen
  • Josh Crump
  • Brian Davis
  • Jordan Fromm
  • Amanda Golden
  • Matt Martin
  • Jimmy McCune
  • Gretchen Witte
  • Jacqueline Yeoman


Chad Gibson, AICP

Chad Gibson

Lecturer, City and Regional Planning