October 12, 2021

Jennifer Clark Publishes “Problems beyond economic development”

The Planning section head co-published the closing essay in Local Economy’s new special issue on inclusive innovation.

City and Regional Planning Section Head Jennifer Clark has published “Problems beyond economic development” with Marc Doussard in Local Economy: The Journal of the Local Economy Policy Unit. Vol 36, Issue 3 is a special issue on inclusive innovation.

The articles in this issue identify a dizzying number of barriers to inclusion. They range from old-fashioned sexism enforced through misogyny, to hidden gender inequalities present in networks, to occupational hierarchies valuing managers and ignoring the insights of shop-floor workers, to policy makers and politicians consistently defunding or ignoring programs and institutions that focus on people and places marginalized from the standard innovation model.

Simply put, exclusive innovation is socially and politically constructed rather than economically inevitable.

“Problems beyond economic development”
Marc Doussard, Jennifer Clark

Read more at Local Economy: The Journal of the Local Economy Policy Unit