November 23, 2021

Outpost Office Installation Profiled by Architect Magazine

The official journal of the AIA profiled Ashley Bigham and Erik Herrmann's Chicago Architecture Biennial installation.

Architect Magazine, the official journal of the AIA, published a feature on Outpost Office’s (Erik Herrmann and Ashley Bigham) Cover the Grid installations at the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

This 2021 Chicago Architecture Biennial event, as advertised, looked like a block party. But in addition to hosting a day of activities and performances, the 16,000-square-foot site was the test bed for Cover the Grid, a geometrically sophisticated architectural-scale ground mural designed by the Columbus, Ohio–based studio Outpost Office and painted by a GPS-guided robot in just five days.

“A GPS-Guided Robot Paints a Community Mural at CAB”
by Jeff Link

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