December 21, 2021

Knowlton Awards, Autumn 2021


Outstanding Student in UG4/G3 Studio

Instructor: Kay Bea Jones

  • Team of Rachel Schmitmeyer and Andrew Burik


  • Team of Madison Weick and Holly Smithberger

Instructor: Stephen Turk

  • Chris Wall

Instructor: Zelig Fok

  • Noah Nicolette

Instructor: Karen Lewis

  • Belle Marty

Instructor: Ashley Schafer

  • Erin Miller

Instructor: Curtis Roth

  • Meghan Opre

Instructor: Jeff Kipnis

  • Ben Arias

Instructor: Ashley Bigham

  • Team of Jenna Call and Ethan Lethander

Outstanding Student in G2 Studio

Instructors: Erik Herrmann, Beth Blostein, Aaron Powers

  • Team of Tristan Martin, Andrew Shepherd, and Dan Phillips

Outstanding Student in G1 Studio

Instructor: Marta Nowak

  • Alexis Arnett-Sutherland

Outstanding Student in UG3 Studio

Instructor: Jacqueline Gargus

  • Chris Tobin

Instructor: Iman Ansari

  • Cate Orchard

Instructor: Andrew Cruse

  • Angel Bautista

Instructor: Sandhya Kochar

  • Elizabeth Rechin

Instructor: Anastasia Congdon

  • Meghan Wertz

Instructor: Bart Overly

Dorotea Arreola Carrera

Outstanding Student in UG2

Instructor: Justin Diles

  • Joseph Greene

Instructor: Dow Kimbrell

  • Karlie Rainer

Instructor: Aleah Springer

  • Madalyn Capps

Instructor: Nina Thomson

  • Fernanda Loyola

Instructor: Katy Viccellio

  • Corey Barr

Instructor: Ben Wilke

  • Mike Mileski

Outstanding Student in UG1

Instructor: Jack Gruber

  • Sasha Anoshenko
  • Anna Galo

Instructor: Rachel Schmitmeyer

  • Anne Regrut
  • Olivia Little

Instructor: Hajar Saksaka

  • Ana Bretscher
  • Jacob Kwon

Instructor: Kerry Leung

  • Theresa DeCasare
  • Connor Barrott 

Instructor: Erin Miller

  • Kasi Reed
  • Delaney Horton

Landscape Architecture

Outstanding Student in G3 Studio

Studio Title: Midwestern Aesthetics of Care
Instructor: Parker Sutton

  • Jack Gruber

Outstanding Student in G2 Studio

Studio Title: Field Trials: Agroecological Experimentation and Demonstration at Waterman
Instructor: Forbes Lipschitz

  • Angel Wong
  • Olivia Minnie
  • Annie Reagan

Outstanding Student in G1 Studio

Studio Title: A Way of Walking
Instructor: Katie Jenkins

  • Elsie Almodovar-Reyes

Outstanding Student in UG4 Studio

Studio Title: Back to School
Instructor: Jake Boswell and Justin Parscher

  • Austin Gilkey
  • Zack Osterday
  • Andrea Wolford

Outstanding Student in UG3 Studio

Studio Title: Habitat for Hard Places
Instructors: Halina Steiner, Karla Trott

Outstanding Student in UG2 Studio

Studio Title: Dense Matter
Instructors: Michelle Franco, Tameka Sims, Brendan Ayer

  • Victoria Carlson
  • Mikey Mlakar 

City and Regional Planning

Outstanding Student in a Graduate Studio

Instructor: Kim Burton

  • Curtis Dickess
  • Shelby Oldroyd

Outstanding Student in an Undergraduate Senior Studio

Instructors: Chad Gibson and Myia Batie

  • Braelyn Buchler
  • Daniel Kromer

Instructor: Roxyann Burrus

  • Gabrielle Smith
  • Christoph Ciurlionis

Instructor: Kyle Ezell

  • Joey Warnkin 
  • Letitia Cetina 
  • Spencer Smith