January 21, 2022

Başar Özbilen Profiled by Ohio State News

The doctoral candidate and Presidential Fellow's dissertation focuses on sustainable development, mobility, and equity.

Başar Özbilen Profiled by Ohio State News

Knowlton City and Regional Planning doctoral candidate and Presidential Fellow Başar Özbilen was profiled by Ohio State News.

Ozbilen received his fellowship to assist with his research in sustainable development and planning methods. A native of Turkey, Ozbilen, 31, said he became interested in sustainability after earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in city and regional planning from Middle East Technical University in Ankara.

Ozbilen said when he was an undergraduate student, a mentor suggested that he could make the biggest impact in helping disadvantaged communities by dedicating his career to addressing climate change. His doctoral dissertation explores different aspects of sustainable development, with an emphasis on sustainability assessment methods and the implications of new mobility technologies.

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