February 11, 2022

Gala Korniyenko’s Research Profiled by the American Planning Association

The doctoral candidate and others appear in a recent article on neurodiversity and hiring.

Doctoral candidate in the City and Regional Planning Section Gala Korniyenko was featured on the American Planning Association's blog. The article highlights Korniyenko’s work on hiring neurodiverse people for planning teams.

Korniyenko believes that when differences are recognized and understood, it allows us to expand upon how we embrace diversity. She likens it to the curb-cut effect, the idea that accommodation for one group can benefit and enrich the lives of everyone. An example in a workplace might be providing a quiet space for individuals with noise and light sensitivity. That space can be a welcome benefit for all employees in that it promotes calmness and can help people manage workplace stress.

“Hiring Neurodiverse People to Enhance Planning Teams”
by Bobbie Albrecht

Read more at the American Planning Association