March 8, 2022

Glennon Sweeney Profiled in The Dispatch

The PhD candidate talked about her presentation to the City Council on discriminatory zoning practices in Columbus.

Glennon Sweeney Profiled in The Dispatch

PhD candidate in City and Regional Planning Glennon Sweeney presented to the City of Columbus City Council on the discriminatory zoning practices and was interviewed by The Columbus Dispatch about her presentation.

Sweeney's presentation tied zoning to the history of restrictive covenants, which were now-illegal deed clauses that empowered homeowners to exclude people of certain races and religions from being potential future purchasers, Sweeney said.

In an interview with The Dispatch on Thursday, Sweeney said if she had had more time during her presentation, she would have advised city leaders to promote an aggressive regional approach to future zoning changes that would encourage affordable housing in upscale areas where zoning now restricts it — including overwhelmingly in the suburbs.

“Will code change address racism? - Presentation to City Council connects zoning to discriminatory history”
by Bill Bush

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